15 October 2024 - 17 October 2024

Festival of Biologics

Basel, Switzerland

Meet Our Experts at the Festival of Biologics, October 15-17, 2024, Basel, Switzerland

Gildas Lavenant, Vice President of Business Development, Roger Bowie, Vice President of Business Development, Dr. Thomas Cornell, Senior Manager, Protein Engineering, and Johanna Midelet, Senior Manager, Chemistry, will be on hand to discuss how, as a highly specialized, leading complex biologics CDMO, we have the experience to accelerate your path to the clinic or commercialization for mammalian, microbial, and bioconjugate modalities.

Don’t miss our talk on Day 3 / Antibody Manufacturing track:

Unlocking the Bispecific Mystery: Mastering the art of developing a successful bispecific Antibody 

Expanding therapeutics from a single functional antibody to a sophisticated bispecific bifunctional design can present unique challenges. Abzena’s developed a unique screening strategy that uses avidity, spacing and formatting of Fab and scFv arms to overcome any complexities that these molecules may present.   Our approach focuses on key bispecific formats to provide a diverse portfolio of molecules within the smallest number of constructs. By leveraging unparalleled expertise in antibody production, purification, and functional bioassays, we rapidly identify and advance the most promising bispecific candidates.   

What You’ll Gain: 

  • Strategic Insights: Key considerations in bispecific design
  • Innovative Approaches: Experimental strategies to screen optimal bispecific formats
  • Advanced Methodologies:                Quickly shortlist top candidates 
  • Real-World Application: A compelling case study demonstrating the importance of screening multiple designs

Speaker: Dr Thomas Cornell, Protein Engineering Senior Manager, Abzena


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