23 May 2024

ADC Payload Summit

San Francisco

Abzena is proud to be a partner at the ADC Payload Summit in Boston, MA on May 21-23, 2024.

With our deep expertise in bioconjugation technology, we are a leader in ADC development and manufacturing, helping to develop our customer’s targeted therapies that meet the highest quality standards. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our bespoke services, from antibody engineering to conjugation and linker payload design and delivery with you.  Set an appointment today with our attending Stephen Grant, VP of Development and Greg Downs, VP of Development in our booth.

Don’t miss our talk given by our Sr. Director of Chemistry, Dr Francisco Velazquez, on Thursday, May 23rd at 11:30 AM.

The Surge in Discovery and Development of Novel Topoisomerase Inhibitor Payloads.  Overcoming Challenges in Process Development and Manufacturing of the Next Generation Camptothecin-Based Linker-Payloads.

  • Recent trends in discovery of novel payloads for ADCs
  • Successful CRO partnerships to discover and develop next-generation camptothecin-based payloads.
  • Design and development of robust synthetic processes for manufacturing the next generation linker-payloads for conjugates.

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Event Information:

ADC Payload Summit

May 21-23, 2024 | Hilton Boston Back Bay