20 August 2024 - 22 August 2024

ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit 2024

Boston, MA

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ADC Linker & Conjugation Summit, August 20-22, 2024, in Boston, MA

Join us at the Abzena booth to discuss the crucial role of linker payload architecture in the successful design of your drug candidate. Meet Rebecca Goydel, PhD, our Scientific Director of Business Development, and learn how our expertise in mAbs, linkers, and payloads can help you create a robust lead drug candidate. Discover how we can assist you in developing a safe and effective ADC drug by seamlessly integrating the desired linker, payload, and monoclonal antibody (mAb). Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage our extensive knowledge and enhance your drug development process.

Don’t miss our prestation on August 21st at 10:00 AM EST:  

Development of a site specific and versatile conjugation approach based on bacterial transglutaminase and the Diels-Alder cycloaddition reaction for ADCs

This presentation will focus on the development of a novel two-step conjugation approach that combines the site specificity of the transglutaminase reaction with the reliability of the well-known Diels-Alder reaction.  Attendees will gain insight into:

  • The versatility of maleimides for conjugation to antibodies.  A different application that specifically conjugates via cycloaddition reaction versus conjugation to interchain disulfides or engineered cysteines.
  • Design and synthesis of the diene-containing linkers for site specific transglutaminase conjugation.  Modulation of the reactivity of the dienes for conjugation of two different payloads.
  • Evaluation of the in vitro and in vivo activity of the ADCs generated via this transglutaminase – Diels-Alder approach.  Assessment of the stability of ADCs will be discussed as well.
  • Highlight the importance of collaborations with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) for discovering and developing novel linker and conjugation technologies.

Presenter: Francisco Velazquez, PhD, Sr. Director, Chemistry, Abzena

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