Rabbit Antibody Production

Rabbits mount immune responses against a broader range of antigens and diversify their repertoire by a process of gene conversion that results in more variation in their CDR’s than mice, thus making them an ideal choice for high affinity monoclonal antibody generation.

Abzena’s custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody development uses Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Technology, a proprietary platform that identifies positive monoclonal antibodies and, when coupled with a single-step cloning procedure, positive antibody expressing cell lines.

This rapid immunization procedure does not compromise on affinity and consistently generates large numbers of antibody clones specific for the antigen. It is especially good for generating anti-idiotypic antibodies and generating monoclonal antibodies against conformational epitopes. Other sources of immunogens include conserved or smaller proteins, peptides and whole cell bacteria.

This technology efficiently screens the immune repertoire of the rabbit allowing for the selection of the desired antibody directly from B cells.

Rabbit Immunization & Monoclonal Antibody Production

Using this platform female rabbits would be immunized with the antigen with options for multiplexing or extra boosting and a choice of adjuvants.

Around 4000 B cells would be isolated for screening and selection utilising ELISA and Biacore analysis. Positive cultures are then sequenced and plasmids with the expressed antibody heavy and light chains are then transfected into mammalian cell lines for expression and further selection of lead candidates.
Abzena can utilise its range of bioassays, bioanalytics and antibody engineering including antibody humanisation and affinity maturation to further progress your chosen candidate.

shutterstock_143646112Working with Abzena

Abzena’s discovery services are tailored for each project to ensure that the objectives are met or exceeded. Experienced project teams are assigned to each study focusing on progressing projects through to results in the minimum amount of time. Our clients widely regard us as professional and attentive partners who deliver quality results.

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