Functional Assays | Bespoke Functional Assay Development

Functional Assays

A range of functional assays have been established at Abzena and can be applied to your project. These include internalisation and intracellular trafficking, cell cycle analysis and characterisation of drug resistance.

Bespoke assays can also be developed to match your project requirements.

antibody1Internalisation and Intracellular Trafficking

Assess whether your antibody, protein or drug conjugate is internalised and track its subcellular localisation.  Read more >>>

antibody1Characterisation of Drug Resistance

Investigate the activity of your compound on commercially available drug resistant cell lines or ask Abzena to generate a more relevant MDR model for your specific application.    Read more >>>

antibody1Cell Cycle Analysis

Evaluate the effect of your compound on the distribution of cells in the major phases of the cell cycle.    Read more >>>

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