Abzena and evitria announce partnership to provide best in class lead candidate selection.

13th September 2021

Abzena, a Partner Research Organization for integrated discovery to GMP solutions for biologics and bioconjugates, and evitria AG, a best-in-class transient antibody expression service provider have announced their partnership to enhance lead candidate selection for large molecules.

This collaboration will leverage evitria’s world-class reputation in rapid transient production of antibodies alongside Abzena’s lead candidate design and developability expertise underpinned by a comprehensive range of bioassay and analytical capabilities.

The partnership offers lead selection customers a seamless solution for fast, high quality protein with full developability characterization. Additional benefits include shortened timelines and lower costs.  The data package will include an extensive set of analytics across multiple drug candidate variants to ensure confidence in selection.

Campbell Bunce, PhD, MBA, CSO of Abzena commented: “We are delighted to formalize a partnership, which has been running very successfully over multiple projects for five years.  evitria shares our commitment to scientific excellence in data and reducing drug discovery timelines at lower costs. This partnership will provide a de-risked single point of contact approach to lead candidate selection allowing our partners to make more informed decisions.”

Christian Eberle, PhD, CEO of evitria said: “This partnership combines evitria’s best-in-class solution for high quality material at shortened timelines supported by Abzena’s breadth of supplementary analytical and developability services. I am delighted to offer a transformative solution to biopharma companies seeking to accelerate large molecule discovery lead selection programs.”