ThioBridge™: Linking Antibody to Drug with ThioBridge™ Conjugation Technology for Better ADCs

02nd July 2024

Improve your antibody-drug conjugate design and delivery with our ThioBridge™ conjugation technology platform

In the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), linker technologies are a critical component, particularly those used in first-generation ADC bioconjugation. In our experience these often have limitations that can impact the safety and efficacy of the ADC.

Why choose ThioBridge™?

We developed ThioBridge™ to overcome the limitations associated with traditional linker technologies. Improving the design and delivery of ADCs.

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Abzena’s bioconjugation and antibody-drug conjugate expertise

We are a leading, fully integrated bioconjugates & ADCs contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). For over 20 years we have refined our expertise in bioconjugation and conjugates to create end-to-end solutions including our ThioBridge™ ADC development platform.

Antibody-drug conjugates