Early Phase Bioassays

03rd July 2024

Bioassays provide critical data and insights into a drug’s potency, efficacy, and safety, which help drug developers ensure that only the most promising compounds progress onward toward the clinic.

These important assessments help to identify risks early on in the drug development process so that developers can “start smart, and finish fast.”

At Abzena, we have decades of expertise in delivering a comprehensive range of bioassays and analytics that help our customers streamline and de-risk their complex biologic or bioconjugate development programs. From discovery-themed assay applications that support target validation and hit-to-lead screening through design, development, and manufacturing, our full suite of analytical assessments provide you with the necessary data needed to make effective decisions.

Our Broad Array of Assay Platforms:
• Luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance plate-based assays
• Biacore™
• Flow cytometry
• Incucyte® live cell imaging (and other microscopy techniques)
• Cytokine analysis (Luminex®, FluoroSpot)

Click Here to access our bioassay info sheet to discover how our expert team, technologies and platforms can de-risk and streamline your program to IND and beyond!