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Cell Line

Our highly productive AbZelect cell line platforms deliver safe and effective products

Generation of early-stage product from fast stable pools enables us to confirm the Quality Target Product Profile (QTPP). In parallel, this material can be used to initiate formulation and analytical method development, taking these key activities off the critical path. Material from stable pools can also help accelerate process development for ADCs. 

We have developed multiple cell lines that have progressed from process development into manufacture and through clinical trials. With years of experience in cell line development (CLD), our team has successfully expressed biologics including antibodies, antibody fragments, bispecific antibodies, fusion proteins, growth factors and vaccines. 

For molecules such as mAbs, Fabs and Fc fusions, we minimize timelines using our standard AbZelectplatform methodology. For novel and complex molecules, our AbZelectPROplatform allows us to design and develop a rapid, robust approach to your program. 

Our fully integrated, proprietary and license free AbZelect™ offering allows us to accelerate timelines and de-risk development in your CLD programs, enabling rapid delivery of productive cell lines.

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Our Integrated Approach

We have an integrated approach which shortens timelines to IND enabling material supported by using fast stable pools to generate early-stage material for characterization, pre-formulation, analytics and lead molecule selection.

We do this through:

  • Fast development of high-quality clones for manufacture
  • Platform processes for rapid progression through process development
  • Use of widely available commercial media and feeds for easier transfer
  • Strong analytics and bioassay capabilities to ensure product quality as well as productivity
  • Global project management to ensure the smooth progression of projects for on-time delivery

Abzena's AbZelect CHO Platform

Our AbZelect™  (ABZ-CHO-K1) CHO cell line offers:

  • Serum free, suspension adapted CHO cells
  • Well documented history of ABZ-CHO-K1 cell line including Research, Master and Working cell banks
  • Optimized proprietary vectors to maximize gene expression
  • One cell line for a product’s entire lifecycle, from development through to commercial manufacturing
  • Highly productive, fast stable pools within 5 weeks of transfection for production
  • Purified early-stage material for formulation and analytical method development, reducing development timelines
  • High throughput clone screening to rapidly identify highly productive clones
  • Quick, reliable process to generate clonal RCBs within 16 weeks of transfection
  • Rapid progression of RCBs through process development to GMP scale-up to provide IND enabling material

Abzena’s AbZelect CLD technology can be used to switch host cell platforms from older originator cell lines (i.e., NS0 and Sp2/0) to AbZelect.

We use well-established platform methodology that reliably delivers product quality within predictable timelines without royalties, license or milestone fees.

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Enhanced AbZelectPRO platform with 2G UNic by ProteoNic

Benefits of AbZelectPRO with 2G UNic vector technology:

For more complex biologic programs, we can deliver increased productivity by enhancing our AbZelectPRO™ platform, which combines our existing AbZelect CHO cell line with ProteoNics premium expression vector technology 2G UNic.

  • Optimized expression cassettes to maximize productivity from each cell
  • Efficient GS selection marker compatible with current AbZelect CHO Cell Line
  • Proven track record – ProteoNic are moving towards regulatory approvals with multiple programs in the clinic and work with several large pharmaceutical firms.

Abzena Partners with ProteoNic

How it works:

ProteoNic’s 2G UNic technology uses the combined effect of novel genetic elements to exert a positive effect on recombinant protein production levels and boosts the performance of other expression-enhancing technologies.  This state-of-the art vector technology also increases production levels of difficult-to-produce complex protein, including bispecifics and fusion proteins as well as levels of products already in the multiple g/L range.

Technical Evaluation of our Enhanced AbZelectPROPlatform:

  • 3x higher stable pool productivity for antibodies and fusion proteins
  • Higher frequency of high-producing clones offering more shots on goal
  • High number of high-producing clones >5 g/L
  • 100% of selected clones stable after 60 generations

Connect with us today to learn how our newly enhanced AbZelectPRO platform, using 2G UNic can help improve the chances of success for your complex biologic program.

Cell Line Development for Biosimilars

Our experts de-risk your project by providing additional product quality assessments to ensure that the Quality Target Product Profile (QTPP) is on track to match originators. Additional early upstream process development can be performed using 15 or 250 ml multi-parallel robotic bioreactor systems to better match originator CQAs.

Whether you decide to stay with the originator or switch to a new host cell line, Abzena can advise on strategies for clone selection, process development and comparability studies to demonstrate that critical quality attributes affecting efficacy and safety are maintained.

We offer comprehensive analytical and bioassay packages to support clone selection minimizing process development time.



We can help you maintain biosimilarity, critical for the regulatory approval of biosimilar products, by developing your cell line using the originator cell type. We have access to a range of CHO, NS0 and Sp2/0 cell lines adapted to serum-free growth media.


Applying our platform technologies and extensive experience in proteomics, protein engineering, bioconjugation and formulation development, we design novel subunit and conjugate vaccine candidates.

Underpinned by our analytics capabilities, protein expression, scale up and manufacture services we ensure that your vaccine is successfully delivered to IND for clinical trial evaluation.

Other Cell Lines

We have the flexibility and expertise to apply our processes to other proprietary host cell lines to support your program.

For example:

  • SP2-0
  • NS0
  • PER.C6
  • CHO-ZN

Research Cell Banking

From transfection pools or non-clonal cell lines we apply our robust single cell cloning process to rapidly isolate and identify the most productive monoclonal populations.

Our services include:

  • Single cloning step for rapid generation of monoclonal populations
  • High statistical probability of monoclonality with visual images to provide documented assurance
  • Integrated product quality assessment included in clone selection
  • Storage in validated auto-fill liquid nitrogen Dewar with an independent validated monitoring system with a 24-hour call out.
  • Back-up cryo-storage capacity is permanently available, ensuring a robust and reliable service.


The safety and quality of your biological products starts with the right cell line.

Clones are selected based on productivity and its performance in the bioreactors including product quality assessments that are tailored to your needs.

Our standard product quality testing includes sterility, mycoplasma, cell identity, gene sequences, and stability.

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From bench to bedside, we are dedicated to ensuring quality excellence in everything we do.

We adapt our approach to shorten lead times and develop risk mitigations strategies to ensure your overall success in delivering vital medicines to patients.