BioPharm International Feature on Linker Chemistries for ADCs

15th November 2023

Abzena’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Campbell Bunce, shares his opinions in BioPharm International’s November issue on the optimization of linker chemistries for Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

This roundtable discussion features innovative leaders in the ADC space covering topics ranging from efficiency and safety needs when developing and manufacturing ADCs, to payload requirements, and optimal linker solutions.

In the piece, Campbell shares, “Antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) safety and effectiveness relates directly to the functioning of the linker connecting the cytotoxic payload to the targeting antibody. The chemistries used to link the two crucial components of ADCs have evolved over time, leading to improved performance. Selection of the optimal linker chemistry is paramount to the successful development of ADCs, however. The choice depends on the attributes of the antibody and the payload, as well as the nature of the target.”

To access to full article, click here.

At Abzena, we have decades of experience in the custom synthesis of complex novel linker-payload variants and chemical moieties.  Our comprehensive approach uses a matrix and developability evaluation in order to streamline the development, scale, and manufacture of your challenging payloads, linkers, and payload-linker chemical intermediates for ADCs and other conjugates. We are specialists in optimizing linker chemistries and welcome the opportunity to discuss your program so that we can help quickly progress your ADC from discovery to IND and beyond.

About our CSO:

Dr. Campbell Bunce has over 25 years of experience working in the biotech and diagnostics sectors. As CSO and our Cambridge, UK facility Site Head, he leads a talented team of scientists across a diverse range of expertise and capabilities to support drug discovery, design, and developability, including cell line development. Throughout his career, he has applied innovative solutions for the design, manufacture and clinical evaluation of novel products including vaccines, biologics, and small molecules in multiple therapeutic areas.