BIA Member Spotlight: Meet Abzena’s Senior Director of Cell Line Development

07th November 2023

Nicole Wakes, Abzena’s Senior Director of Cell Line Development, shares her career journey, thoughts on the UK Life Sciences sector, and Abzena’s focus & growth strategy in BIA’s latest member spotlight blog.

“Abzena has a focus on bioconjugates and biologics. We aim to push the development of novel treatments forward at every stage, from discovery through commercial launch. We tailor our strategy and customer experience to each project, developing and implementing innovative solutions. This enables biotech and biopharma companies to realize the full potential of their investment in human health.”

“Our most notable accomplishment lies in our ability to establish significant partnerships with leaders in the biotech and biopharma companies. Our collaborations have enabled us to be at the crux of groundbreaking science, where we play an instrumental role in transforming novel concepts into tangible treatments. The transition from a scientific concept to a clinical application is complex and challenging. Abzena, over its years of operation, has adeptly bridged this gap for many projects. The eventual aim of this is to bring forth therapeutics that have the potential not only to treat but also to save lives.”

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