BioPharm: A Closer Look at Affinity Ligands

01st May 2024

Set sail on an exploration through our newest feature, ‘A Closer Look at Affinity Ligands,’ where we delve into the critical role of these ligands in biopharmaceutical purification processes. Drawing insights from recent research, this article sheds light on the complexities and advancements reshaping purification strategies, from innovative ligand designs to heightened selectivity and efficiency.


Affinity ligands play an exciting role in the ever-growing sphere of downstream processing. In speaking with BioPharm International®, Phillip Elliott, PhD, associate director of Process Development, BioCina; Jan Bekker, PhD, director, Business Development, Commercial and Technical Operations, BioCina; and Parviz Shamlou, PhD, senior vice-president of Science & Technology, Abzena illuminate the newest innovations with affinity ligands and provide a deeper understanding of the role affinity ligands play in the future of downstream processing.

Breaking down affinity ligands

BioPharm: What are affinity ligands and how do they contribute to the downstream purification process?

Bekker (BioCina): Affinity ligands are molecules that can bind with high affinity to specific targets. Affinity ligands can be used for various purposes, such as detection, purification, or modulation of biological activities. Affinity chromatography is a separation method based on the specific binding interaction between an immobilized affinity ligand and its binding partner.

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