Cell Line Development Lab Tour

Abzena has over 10 years experience in Cell Line Development for customers and has completed over 50 projects, expressing biologics ranging from antibodies to fusion proteins. Multiple Abzena developed cell lines have progressed through to product manufacture and are currently being assessed in clinical trials. In this video, Simon Keen, Director of Cell Line development gives a tour of our facilities.

Manufacturing & Cell Line Development at Abzena

Abzena has extensive experience in cGMP and non-GMP production for recombinant proteins, antibodies and conjugates products for preclinical and clinical materials. Abzena’s expertise in employing single-use technology allows for rapid turnaround times and cost effective solutions.

Protein/BioNMR as a powerful tool for drug discovery

Discover the power of Protein/BioNMR in 3D structural analysis of proteins, protein-ligand complexes and macrocycles, and assessing the binding behaviour including validating the footprint of the binding site.