Discovery to Lead Candidate

Seamlessly Integrated Solutions from Concept to Lead Candidate

Through a process focused on critical component drug design applied to discovery, and development, we ensure you select the best lead candidate.


Abzena’s antibody discovery team collaborates with you to build the foundations of a successful program and de-risk your development path.

We deliver expert assessments of target molecules, immunization strategies and antibody screening cascades that inform your selection of the best candidates for development.


Our scientists combine protein engineering expertise with state-of-the-art analytics to design drug candidates, from antibodies, Fab fragments, and fusion proteins, with minimal liabilities and maximum functionality to ensure successful drug development.

We offer end-to-end services or stand-alone packages to deliver standard and tailored designs to fit your target product profile.


We partner with you to identify the right set of assays and analytics to evaluate the developability of your drug, ensuring you take a lead candidate forward with a reduced risk of inherent liabilities and maximum functionality, guaranteeing manufacturability.

We have worked with hundreds of candidates and use this experience to help inform the approach and limit program risk.

From bench to bedside, we are dedicated to ensuring quality excellence in everything we do.

Leveraging deep scientific and technical know-how and the experience of bringing compounds to market, we find the best solutions using up-to-date technologies to achieve the right outcome for your project.

Our team is forward thinking and committed to delivering vital medicines to patients.