Podcast: The problem-solving biopharma veteran

05th April 2024

In this episode of Molecule to Market, you’ll go inside the outsourcing space of the global drug development sector with Matthew Stober, Chief Executive Officer at Abzena.

Your host, Raman Sehgal, discusses the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain with Matt, covering:

  • How the failure of a big pharma R&D portfolio led to the creation of a CDMO business and a pipeline-ready facility
  • Leadership lessons for transitioning from a functional leader to an enterprise-level one, and being part of a board
  • How failures at retirement and the desire to make a difference in the fight against cancer brought Matt back to the CDMO space
  • A global harmonization move, and a legislative change this industry veteran believes our sector needs

Matt joined Abzena from his role at Istari Oncology where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer for two years. He has over 30 years of experience at large, multinational pharmaceutical organizations, in manufacturing operational roles.

Matt has previously held senior executive positions at Novartis VaccinesSmith and Nephew and Hospira where he served as Global Head of Operations, President of Operations, and Senior Vice President of Operations respectively.

His deep and extensive operational experience has been consolidated from positions at companies including GlaxoSmithKlineMerck and Pfizer. Matt holds various Board positions including current appointments at X-Vax TechnologyIstari Oncology and Castlevax. He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Villanova University, PA, USA.

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