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With almost 20 years of experience in developing biologic products using specialist technology we offer a seamless service from early discovery to cGMP manufacturing. We know what can go wrong during development, so our integrated teams work to ensure delivery to market on time and on budget. Our customers trust us to do the right thing for their products, so we take the time to understand their projects and advise on the best route forwards.

Our team of experts have been busy over the last few months presenting at a number of virtual events. In case you were not able to attend you can view all of the presentations on demand now.

Early Therapeutic Antibody Development: Addressing the Challenges to Expedite a CMC Program.

In this webinar, Simon Keen, Scientific Leader at Abzena and Arron Hearn, PhD. Group Leader Protein Engineering at Abzena, focus on how to address challenges faced when therapeutic antibodies show less-than-ideal properties, causing challenges at different stages of the development pathway, from early development through to downstream manufacturing to pre-clinical and clinical studies. They highlight examples of where these issues have been overcome to de-risk early-stage CMC and delivery of clinical trials material.

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Process Development: Getting from Phase I to III.

In this webinar, our SVP & Head of Scientific Project Leaders, Louise Duffy, discusses the typical points in the CMC development cycle where it is important to prospectively identify where there may be knowledge gaps, and how to identify where compromises and trade-offs are in the process development approach.

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Advances in Downstream Intensification, Purification, and Continuous Bioprocessing.

In this webinar our SVP & Head of Scientific Project Leaders, Louise Duffy, addresses current industry challenges and looks to the future of continuous bioprocessing, before answering questions from the audience.

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Addressing Immunogenicity Challenges to Select the Best Drug Development Candidate.

In this webinar, Rob Holgate, our Senior Director of Discovery and Protein Engineering and Alyson Rust, our Group Leader of Bioassays, discuss some of the approaches to therapeutic protein immunogenicity risk assessment.

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The Strategy Behind Your Journey to GMP with Emphasis on Linker Payload Development.

In this webinar, Thomas Nittoli, Senior Director of R&D Chemistry at Regeneron, and our Director of Project Management Ian Glassford review the pros and cons of semi-synthetic and synthetic linker payloads and discuss the considerations that should be taken when conjugating your linker payload to its antibody.

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Collaborative Approaches Needed to Effectively Speed Up and Streamline Development.

In this webinar, our President and Chief Operating Officer Kimball Hall discusses the collaborative approaches needed between functional areas and compromises required to effectively speed up and streamline development.

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Oligonucleotide ADC Design and Development – An Emerging Field Building on the Success of ADCs in Cancer.

In this webinar, our Bioconjugation experts Dr Matthew Bird and Dr Juan Carlos Cordova review oligonucleotide bioconjugates focusing upon their design, development, analysis and manufacture.

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Addressing the Challenges of Next-Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate Medicines.

In this webinar our Group Leader for Bioconjugation Chemistry, Dr Nicolas Camper talks about leveraging deep industry knowledge to support the appropriate target product profiling for the development of next-generation Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs).

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Pre-formulation: De-risking Development Programs to Ensure a Successful IND Filing.

Abzena Senior Scientist, Gary Watts describes what pre-formulation is, how it can be utilised, and why you should be interested in applications to streamline your drug programs. He also outlines the approaches developed by Abzena in applying pre-formulation to identify fundamental drug properties.

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Elements for Smooth Technology Transfers of Biologics Manufacturing Processes.

Our SVP and head of the Scientific Project leaders, Louise Duffy, discusses essential elements for the successful transfer of biologics manufacturing processes, including effective communications, complete and accurate information transfer, risk management, and clear success criteria.

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To find out more about our Biologics, Bioconjugate and Antibody Drug Conjugate capabilities, or if you have any questions relating to any of our presentations, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Abzena team today.

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