Outsourced Pharma Capacity Virtual Event for Large Molecules

05th March 2024

At the recent Outsourced Pharma Capacity Virtual Event for Large Molecules, Abzena’s CTO, Dr Louise Duffy presented a talk that was focused on our capabilities and capacity to support complex biologics and bioconjugated.

Talk title: “Rapidly Bridge Your Complex Biologic or Bioconjugate from Discovery to Market”.

Capabilities covered within the presentation:
-Cell Line Development
-Development & Manufacturing

Summary: Moving a new biologic or bioconjugate program forward from discovery to market can be a challenging and cumbersome process. Hear expert insight from Abzena’s CTO on how to de-risk and streamline the development of your biopharmaceutical in order to successfully meet your next regulatory or clinical milestone

Access the on-demand recording: