Scientific Poster: Real-Time Live Cell Imaging in Successful ADC Development

01st January 1970

Poster Introduction:
Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are novel and emerging targeted therapeutics against cancer. ADCs deliver the specificity of mAb and cytotoxicity of small molecule drugs. Developability assessment underpins all aspects of ADC drug discovery, lead selection, and optimization. Abzena uses real-time live cell imaging in the developability assessment of ADCs to select a lead drug candidate with the greatest chance of clinical success.

Poster Summary:
ADCs are novel therapeutics that deliver precision and efficacy in the treatment of cancer. Understanding the mode of action, the antibody activity and the effectiveness of the cytotoxic drug, will allow the generation of new ADCs. The versatility that live cell imaging provides, either through the Incucyte or higher resolution spinning disk confocal microscopy, can be harnessed to capture the fundamental characteristics of successful drug design and increases the likelihood of obtaining a successful therapeutic candidate.

Poster authors include: Robert Francis, Natasha Carter, Grant Harradence, Robert Cunningham, Nathan Shaw, Adele Kinsey, Maryam Ahmadi, Erika Kovacs, Robert Holgate, Campbell Bunce

Expertise in Bioassay Development
Abzena has decades of experience in developing bioassays for antibody drug conjugate (ADC) programs.  Our approach focuses on developing phase-appropriate assays for the assessment of potency, efficacy, and safety, to provide our customers with the necessary tools to make effective decisions during their drug development journey to IND and beyond.

Our comprehensive bioassay solutions include both established assays and custom assay development matched to your individual program needs.  In discovery, we offer target validation and hit-to-lead screening.  As your program presses onward into design and developability we offer assays for specificity and tissue profiling, mode-of-action (MOAs), and immunogenicity assessments.  When it comes time to manufacture your program, we can support you with potency and batch release.

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