Scientific Poster: Next-Generation EpiScreen® Immunogenicity Assay

21st November 2023

Abzena presented a scientific poster at the Immunogenicity Bioassay Summit which took place in Washington, D.C. in September 2023.  The poster entitled,  “Next-Generation  EpiScreen Immunogenicity Assay.” Poster authors included Abzena’s CSO, Dr Campbell Bunce, Senior Director of Bioassays, Dr Erika Kovacs, Senior Scientist, Dr Mercedes Pérez Olivares , Sr. Manager of Bioassays, Beverley Campbell and Director of Immunology, Dr Edward Cloake.

This poster demonstrates how an alternative method to traditional radioactive labeled markers using flow cytometry can be used to assess unwanted immunogenicity in protein therapeutics.  This innovative approach, known as EpiScreen, not only maintains sensitivity but enables further characterization of immune cells, enhancing confidence in immunogenicity risk assessment.


Abzena has over 20+ years of experience supporting customers with complex biologic or bioconjugate programs with Immunogenicity Assessments and Bioassay Development.  Our team is focused on getting it right from the start to ensure downstream clinical and commercial success.  For more information about our Immunogenicity services, click here.