Scientific Poster: Custom Designed Linker-Payload Synthesis & Bioconjugation towards ADC Development

28th February 2024


Abzena has decades of experience in the custom synthesis of complex novel linker-payloads. With a focus on providing the best synthetic routes, we have designed and synthesized thousands of payloads and linker-payloads.

We synthesize custom designed linker-payloads utilizing our toolbox approach to maximize the number of compounds that can be generated in the shortest timeline possible. Our integrated approach also includes a bioconjugation team that can quickly conjugate novel linker-payloads to mAbs and other proteins, followed by evaluation of the resulting ADCs. Our facility also offers GMP manufacturing of linker-payloads and ADCs for preclinical, PI/II clinical trials, and commercial manufacturing.

Poster authors include: Francisco Velaquez and Serena Lee from our Bristol, PA facility.



Linker-Payload Expertise

At Abzena, we take a comprehensive approach to linker-payload design.  Using a matrix evaluation and developability approach to streamline the development, scale, and manufacture of your challenging payloads, linkers and payload-linker chemical intermediates for ADCs and other conjugates for your discovery and preclinical programs. We create efficiencies by identifying the most suitable linkers for superior ADC profiles. Our integrated approach includes a bioconjugation team that can quickly conjugate novel payloads and payload-linker constructs and evaluate the resulting ADCs. For more information click here.