Engineering Solutions for Antibodies & Proteins

02nd July 2024

The development and application of technologies to engineer antibodies and proteins has rapidly grown over the last few decades, making engineering a critical aspect in the discovery, design and development of new therapeutic candidates.

At Abzena, we eliminate the guesswork from protein engineering by offering robust solutions and proprietary approaches that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our expert team combines cutting-edge in silico tools with decades of practical experience to design molecules that demonstrate optimal functionality and manufacturability.

Our unique and comprehensive design and engineering solutions include:

  • Humanization
  • Deimmunization
  • Bispecifics
  • Isotope Switching
  • Fc Engineering
  • Affinity Maturation
  • Developability
  • Bioconjugation.

Click here to access our protein engineering info sheet to discover how our expert team, technologies and platforms can elevate your biologic today.