De-Risking Early Development Strategies for: ADCs, Oligonucleotides & Radioconjugates

14th December 2023

Presentation Overview:

Moving a new biologic or bioconjugate program forward from discovery to market can be a challenging and cumbersome process.  The complexity of drug design, in particular ADCs, and considerable technical, safety, stability and scalability challenges make it incredibly difficult for developers to navigate the development pathway with speed and ease, while still ensuring an effective, high-quality product.

With the stakes high, having trusted and experienced guidance at each stage of development can help streamline the pathway from discovery towards IND, and beyond.  Over the past 20 years, Abzena has helped hundreds of customers achieve their regulatory milestones. By supporting customers with extensive scientific knowledge, technical expertise and integrated services that span the entire development pathway, they employ de-risking strategies that greatly improve both clinical and commercial outcomes for biologic and bioconjugate drug programs.

Listen as Biospring Partners’ Michelle Detwiler asks Abzena’s CEO, Matt Stober, CSO, Dr. Campbell Bunce, and CTO, Dr. Louise Duffy, live questions from the audience during this panel discussion-style webinar. Hear their expert insights around the challenges and considerations that drug developers face in early development. Covering topics ranging from developability assessments and lead candidate selection to risk mitigation strategies for tech transfer and scale-up, they will answer your questions on how to successfully move your program forward to patients faster.

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