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Antitope and Synthon Announce Collaboration

Cambridge, UK and Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 2 July 2014 – Antitope Limited (“Antitope”), an Abzena company, today announced that it will collaborate with Synthon Biopharmaceuticals BV (“Synthon”), a global pharmaceutical company with expertise in the development of complex small molecule and biosimilar drugs and new biopharmaceuticals, including antibody drug conjugates (“ADC”), to assess the potential immunogenicity of candidate antibodies for Synthon’s ADC programmes.

Antitope will use its EpiScreen™ technology, a highly accurate and sensitive ex vivo human T cell assay to determine the potential immunogenicity of the antibodies provided by Synthon. The EpiScreen™ technology correlates with published clinical anti-drug antibody immunogenicity data which supports selection of lead product candidates with low immunogenicity during preclinical development. “We are confident that Antitope’s EpiScreen™ technology will strongly help reduce the risk that Synthon’s antibody based development candidates will induce immunogenic responses in patient populations,” said Marco Timmers, CSO of Synthon Biopharmaceuticals.

Matthew Baker, CSO of the Abzena group and co-founder of Antitope, commented: “We are very pleased to be working with a company that, like Abzena, has scientific innovation at the heart of its business and look forward to collaborating with Synthon to help it build its biopharmaceuticals pipeline.”

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