Abzena successfully secures over 25 chemistry and ADC service agreements - Abzena

Abzena successfully secures over 25 chemistry and ADC service agreements

Bristol PA, USA, 4 December 2017 – Abzena is pleased to announce that their expert integrated Cambridge, UK and Bristol, PA chemistry teams have secured over 25 chemistry and ADC service agreements in the past 90 days. These service agreements span from complex synthetic organic chemistry, antibody drug conjugate (ADC), conjugation and BioNMR projects and other various new / existing / expanding partnerships in the chemistry and ADC fields.

Recently, Abzena had announced their intentions to invest $17 million in expanding capabilities and capacity in its San Diego, CA and Bristol, PA GMP facilities. Of this, $5 million investment at its Bristol facility will increase its chemistry research and manufacturing services business for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry, and $12 million investment at its San Diego facility for protein process development and GMP manufacturing. These investments were made possible following the Company’s recent $32 million financing via a share placing on the London Stock Exchange.

Mark Frigerio, Director of Chemistry, Abzena said:

“We are pleased to see a growing demand in the market for our integrated technology platforms across the bioconjugation space, particularly from major biopharmaceutical companies and innovative emerging biotech in the ADC field. Through our expertise and knowledge we have developed strong relationships with both new and long-standing collaborators by delivering solutions to complex scientific problems, and the recent wins has built on the recognition of this excellence.”

Sanjeevani Ghone, Vice President & Site Head – Chemistry, Abzena said:

“We are seeing an increase in requests for our chemical synthesis and bioconjugation services from pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Our recent contracts are a testament for our commitment to deliver on our promise as well as our clients’ confidence that we will get the job done. We are unique in our ability to come up with innovative route designs and to solve challenges both in the fields of synthetic chemistry and bioconjugation through our expertise and experience.”

Abzena is recognized for their chemistry know-how, including the conjugation to ADCs to enable better development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Abzena is a growing international life sciences solution and technology group enabling the development of better biopharmaceuticals from three locations – Bristol PA, San Diego CA and Cambridge, UK. Abzena’s solutions have been utilized by a global customer base, including 18 of the top 25 major biopharmaceutical companies over the past three years.

Abzena’s Bristol operation has been part of the Abzena Group since the acquisition of The Chemistry Research Solution LLC (“TCRS”) in December 2015. TCRS was founded in 2009 and has a strong reputation as a specialist chemistry services provider, particularly in the antibody-drug conjugate field, where it utilizes a broad toolbox of ADC linker and payload reagents and analytical capabilities. Abzena Bristol’s customers in the antibody drug conjugate field can also access Abzena’s ThioBridge® technology for the creation of superior, next-generation products, as well as the Group’s biomanufacturing capabilities in San Diego.

Through the investment program, Abzena will be establishing GMP manufacturing capabilities for antibody-drug conjugates to enable its partners to progress these novel anti-cancer biopharmaceuticals into clinical trials.

To learn more about Abzena, visit us at abzena.com.

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