WEBINAR - Pre-formulation: De-risking Development Programs to Ensure a Successful IND Filing - Abzena

WEBINAR – Pre-formulation: De-risking Development Programs to Ensure a Successful IND Filing


Pre-formulation is a precursor to more in-depth formulation development, however it is also a powerful screening tool that can be utilised during candidate ranking as part of the lead selection stage.

Pre-formulation can be applied at the early stages of drug development programs to help determine the fundamental properties of biotherapeutic drug candidates. This approach can de-risk programs through the use of clear developability assessments, and can cut down on costly trials by identifying in the very early stages any inherent liabilities. This ultimately allows for selection of the best candidates for the next development stage.

In this webinar with Informa, Gary Watts, Senior Scientist at Abzena describes what pre-formulation is, how it can be utilised, and why you should be interested in applications to streamline your drug programs. He also outlines the approaches developed by Abzena in applying pre-formulation to identify fundamental drug properties, for example charge and pH, as well as discussing real world case studies for suitable candidate ranking and developability assessment with the aim of de-risking downstream activities.

Speaker bio:

Gary Watts is a Senior Scientist within the Analytics Group at Abzena and is currently leading the pre-formulation and formulation development departments. He has over 5 years’ experience in formulation and the analysis of biologics, as well as leading formulation studies covering early-stage and late-stage development.

Gary has a wealth of experience partnering with clients to establish optimal formulations for the required administration route, including very high-concentration products, and has worked with peptides, antibodies, vaccines, and novel antibody formats such as fusion proteins and multi-specific antibodies. He is also a co-inventor on two formulation patents and holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of East Anglia.

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