12 March 2024

Happy Hour Seminar: S. San Francisco Cell Line Development

Foundry & Lux - 151 Oyster Point Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Register today for our happy hour seminar and networking reception on Tuesday, March 12th at Foundry & Lux in S. San Francisco from 3:30pm-6:30pm.

Utilizing an Integrated Cell Line Development Approach to Achieve Higher-Producing Stable Pools Faster

Presentation overview

With the rising numbers of protein-based therapeutics entering the development pipeline and increased competition, there is growing pressure for drug developers to reduce timelines to regulatory submissions. Cell line development (CLD) plays a critical role in this process and can greatly aid in de-risking and reducing the time to filing. However, drug developer must be aware that your technology, approach and overall strategy can make or break your program’s chances of downstream success.

Having an integrated approach to CLD that aims for increased speed to IND while ensuring the product is of high quality is essential. A robust CLD strategy will incorporate methods and techniques that minimize delays and risks by gathering information on cell line and molecule developability and manufacturability as early as possible. Leveraging next-generation technology platforms, like AbZelect™ & AbZelectPRO™, aid in increasing CLD productivity and efficiency which expedite the development pathway and reduces risks and costs.

Join Abzena’s VP of Cell Line Development, Simon Keen and VP of Process Development & Analytical Method Development, Danial Giroux as they share insights on how enhanced CLD technologies can achieve higher-producing stable pools faster in early-stage development to increase your program’s chances of success. Using case studies, they will demonstrate how access to early material allows for key non-clinical activities to be run in parallel to significantly reduce timelines to regulatory submission.

Register today to learn how an integrated CLD strategy, coupled with next-gen technologies can advance your program to IND faster and with greater success.

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Event Details:

*Beverages, appetizers, and bowling will be included from 5-6:30pm