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Affinity Determination

Measuring the affinity of your antibody or protein for its ligand is a key part of understanding your molecule. Abzena has extensive experience in determining the kinetics and binding affinity of protein : protein interactions using the industry leading Biacore T200 Platform system. Biacore uses Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology for real-time measurement of label-free interactions and remains the gold standard for determining antibody : antigen affinity constants. Using SPR-based methods including single or multicycle kinetics, a range of binding parameters such as KD, ka and kd can be determined.

In addition to determining the kinetic constants, SPR measurements can also be used for:

  • Affinity screening
  • Epitope characterisation
  • Determination of specificity
  • Investigating mechanism of action
  • Fc gamma receptor binding

Biacore SPR can be performed as part of affinity maturation projects or humanisation projects or as a stand alone activity.


Single cycle kinetics

Single-cycle kinetics runs a series of analyte concentrations in one cycle, with no regeneration between sample injections. This approach is valuable in situations where acceptable regeneration cannot be achieved.  This approach is also useful in screening many variants in one assay (e.g. as part of a humanisation) and allows ranking of variants relative to the originator molecule.


Multicycle kinetics

Multi-cycle kinetics runs each analyte concentration in a separate cycle, regenerating the surface after each sample dissociation. It is important that regeneration is optimised so that the surface properties are consistent from cycle to cycle. This approach provides accurate ka, kd and KD values.




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