Download the EpiScreen™ T cell epitope mapping technical flyer


It has been established that CD4+ T cell epitopes are critical in driving T cell dependent immune responses to antigens. During the initiation of a T cell dependent immune response, antigen-presenting cells such as dendritic cells capture and process antigens and present them in the form of linear peptides bound in the groove of MHC class II. Binding of the T cell receptor to these MHC class II/ peptide complexes by CD4+ T cells can trigger an activation cascade in which T cells proliferate, differentiate and provide help to B cells to produce high a nity, isotype switched anti-drug antibodies. These anti-drug antibodies bind to conformational epitopes on the surface of protein therapeutics and can neutralise protein therapeutics; affect pharmacokinetics; and in rare instances lead to patient morbidity.

T cell epitope mapping

This flyer shows how Abzena has developed highly sensitive ex vivo T cell assays (EpiScreen™) that can detect T cell epitopes within a therapeutic protein. EpiScreen™ T cell epitope mapping can identify the precise location, number and magnitude of T cell epitopes in toxins, protein scaffolds and proteins (both human and non-human). This information can be used to aid deimmunisation and contributes to the reduction in risk of clinical immunogenicity.

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