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Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC)

CDC is the mechanism by which antibody-coated target cells recruit and activate components of the complement cascade, leading to the formation of a Membrane Attack Complex (MAC) on the cell surface and subsequent cell lysis.

In our assay, target-expressing cells are incubated with an antibody or ADC, in the presence of human serum containing either active or heat-inactivated complement. Dead-cell protease activity, which is released from cells that have lost membrane integrity, is measured as an indicator of cell lysis.

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CDC Assay Ramos Target Cells
Rituximab induces dose-dependent lysis of CD20-expressing Ramos cells in the presence of Normal Human Serum (NHS). This effect is inhibited upon heat inactivation of the serum (HI NHS), confirming complement-mediated lysis.
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