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Fc Binding & Function Assays

Demonstrating the biological activity of a drug conjugate is required by regulators. The Fc portion of immunoglobulins is known for its ability to trigger complement- and/or immune cell-mediated lysis of antigen expressing cells. In the case of antibody drug conjugates, such Fc-mediated activity must be considered alongside the payload-driven activity.

Furthermore, some toxicities observed in vivo have been linked to binding of ADCs to healthy cells via their Fc domain. Consequently, assessment of binding to Fc receptor and Fc-mediated functions such as ADCC, CDC and ADCP constitute an increasingly relevant safety consideration when developing an ADC.

Working with Abzena

Abzena’s undertakes bioassays on behalf of clients as standalone projects or as part of larger development projects. We focus on developing the correct bioassay to help you understand your molecule and will help guide you in the correct.

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