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Bioassays at Abzena

Whether you want to answer a stand-alone question, or your conjugation, humanisation or cell line development programme requires complementary assays, Abzena can provide you with solutions to suit your needs.

Our Bioassay group offers a range of standardised cell-based and biochemical assays that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Because biology programmes are rarely standard, we also have a bespoke assay development service.

Our areas of expertise include:

bioassay1Drug-conjugate and payload characterisation

Viability and cytotoxicity assays are performed routinely for our clients to assess the potency of novel payloads or drug conjugates. We also offer a panel of complementary assays to add value to your drug-conjugate or payload development program.  Read more >>>

bioassay2Binding and competition assays

Both cell-based and soluble protein-based approaches are at our disposal to assess the binding of your antibody or protein of interest to its target.  Read more >>>

bioassay3Cell health assays

The effect of your compound on cell viability or proliferation can be measured and characterised using a range of platforms, from microplate readers to flow cytometry and imaging. Read more >>>

bioassay4Functional assays

Various assays can be performed at Abzena to better understand the mode of action of your compound. These include internalisation and intracellular trafficking, cell cycle analysis and characterisation of drug resistance. Read more >>>

bioassay5Fc binding and function assays

Fc-mediated effector functions can play a key role in the mechanism of action of antibody products. Abzena offers a suite of assays to assess binding to Fc receptors and Fc-mediated cytotoxicity such as ADCC and CDC. Read more >>>

bioassay6Bespoke assay development

Assay development projects come in all shapes and sizes with no two projects being the same. So, no matter what your bioassay requirements, we can help you with your project. Read more >>>

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