Composite Proteins™ Fact Sheet

More information on Abzena’s Composite Protein™ technology. Protein Deimmunisation Technical Flyer


Composite Human Antibodies™ Fact Sheet

More information on our antibody humanisation and deimmunisation technology, including a case study on the deimmunisation[...]




A deimmunised form of the ribotoxin, α-sarcin, lacking CD4+ T cell epitopes and its use as an immunotoxin warhead

Fungal ribotoxins that block protein synthesis can be useful warheads in the context of a targeted immunotoxin. α-Sarcin[...] Read more

The INNs and outs of antibody nonproprietary names Tim D. Jones, Paul J. Carter, Andreas Plückthun, Max[...] Read more

A comparison of the ability of the human IgG1 allotypes G1m3 and G1m1,17 to stimulate T-cell responses from allotype matched and mismatched donors.

Carl I. Webster, Christine J. Bryson, Edward A. Cloake, Tim D. Jones, Mark J. Austin, Anette C. Karle, Sebastian[...] Read more

Characterisation of a novel anti-CD52 antibody with improved efficacy and reduced immunogenicity

Holgate RGE, Weldon R, Jones TD, Baker MP (2015) Characterisation of a Novel Anti-CD52 Antibody with Improved Efficacy[...] Read more

Small Amounts of Sub-Visible Aggregates Enhance the Immunogenic Potential of Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics

Maryam Ahmadi, Christine J. Bryson, Edward A. Cloake, Katie Welch, Vasco Filipe, Stefan Romeijn, Andrea Hawe, Wim[...] Read more

Immunogenicity of protein therapeutics The key causes, consequences and challenges

Matthew P. Baker,* Helen M. Reynolds, Brooke Lumicisi and Christine J. Bryson, Self/Nonself, Volume 1, Issue 4, 2010[...] Read more

Deimmunization of monoclonal antibodies

Jones TD, Crompton LJ, Carr FJ, Baker MP. Methods Mol Biol. 2009;525:405-23, xiv. doi: 10.1007/978-1-59745-554-1_21.[...] Read more

Circumventing immunogenicity in the development of therapeutic antibodies.

Holgate RG, Baker MP, IDrugs. 2009 Apr;12(4):233-7. Abstract The development of anti-therapeutic antibody immune[...] Read more

Overcoming the immunologic response to foreign enzymes in cancer therapy

Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2005 Nov;1(4):549-59. doi: 10.1586/1744666X.1.4.549. Chester KA, Baker M, Mayer A. Abstract[...] Read more

Identification and removal of a promiscuous CD4+ T cell epitope from the C1 domain of factor VIII

Jones TD, Phillips WJ, Smith BJ, Bamford CA, Nayee PD, Baglin TP, Gaston JS, Baker MP. Abstract BACKGROUND: The[...] Read more


Spotlight on Abzena’s Developability Platform during Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics 2019

New service reduces the risk, expenditure and time required for the later stages of antibody development Cambridge, UK, 9[...] Read more

Abzena Announces New Fully Integrated Developability and Optimization Service to Improve Lead Selection and De-risk Biologic Cell Line Development

Cambridge, UK 21 March 2019 – Abzena, the leading biologics target to GMP partner research organisation (PRO),[...] Read more

Abzena announces a research and licence agreement with Tmunity Therapeutics, a T cell engineering company

Cambridge, UK, 19 September 2018 – Abzena, plc (AIM: ABZA, Abzena’), the life sciences group providing services and[...] Read more

Abzena signs protein engineering agreement with NYU Langone Health

Cambridge, UK, 30 July 2018 – Abzena plc (AIM: ABZA, ‘Abzena’), the life sciences group providing services and[...] Read more

Abzena and Telix sign strategic manufacturing and bioconjugation agreement

Cambridge, UK and Melbourne, Australia, 2 July 2018 – Abzena plc (AIM: ABZA, ‘Abzena’), the life sciences group[...] Read more

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