Pharmaceutical Technology Article: Communication is Key in Complex Tech Transfer

18th February 2023

In Pharmaceutical Technology’s February 2023 e-book “Bio/Pharma Outsourcing Innovation,”  Abzena’s SVP of Science & Technology, Dr Petra Dieterich, and Scientific Leader, Dr Jeff Mocny, were featured in an article entitled, “Communication is Key in Complex Tech Transfer.”  The article discusses how the complexity of the pharmaceutical product can bring challenges to the transfer of information and technology between sponsors and contractors.

“The devil is always in the details when it comes to tech transfer.  Transparent communication with precise and accurate detail between the transferring parties is essential to achieve to best results,” shares Dieterich and Mocny.

“It should be acknowledged that at some point during the drug development process, technology transfer will be required- be it for GMP manufacture to enable first-in-human studies or to a larger scale to satisfy the increasing demand for a block-buster drug.  With this in mind, the sponsor should try to select their chosen partner to meet their priority, skills, and experience requirements.  Having the provider onboard and ready to help with the next transfer is always helpful.”

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Our Expertise in Tech Transfer

At Abzena, we have a comprehensive risk-based approach when it comes to technology transfers.  Our team collaborates with you to de-risk the path to commercialization, by capturing process knowledge and analytics throughout the entirety of your program to ensure a successful commercial scale-up that meets regulatory requirements.  We are focused on ensuring manufacturability and delivering a quality product to patients in need.  Click here to learn more about our seamless solution for scaling up.