Chemistry Today: Expanding The Windows for Conjugate-Based Drugs

13th December 2023

Article Abstract:

Antibody drug conjugates (ADC’s) also known as conjugate-based drugs are nascent modalities that open the therapeutic window to allow highly potent molecules to target specific tumor cell receptors. ADC’s are already established as the standard of care in breast cancer with Enhertu, Kadcyla and Trodelvy accounting for $4.1 Bn of the total $4.7 Bn ADC revenues in 2022. A further 460 novel ADC’s are in development for lung, gastric, ovarian, and colorectal cancer alone with potential to superceed existing small molecule chemotherapies and capture a market of more than $140 bn.

Over the last 20 years, drug developers have invented a plethora of technologies to supercharge antibodies via the conjugation with small molecules and this has created a toolbox of techniques to allow us to conjugate proteins and peptides with a variety of different molecules. Coupling of proteins with oligonucleotides allows us to create oligonucleotide drug conjugates which offer treatment solutions outside of the oncology space with potential in personalized medicines as well as high-frequency conditions such as neurodegenerative and respiratory diseases.

In this article, we explore how we can use our toolbox of techniques to open more windows to hitherto untreated diseases.

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About Our Author:
Dr Petra Dieterich, SVP, Scientific Leader at Abzena

Petra has 30 years’ experience of drug development in the Pharmaceutical industry with a focus on supporting CMC activities.  She has held leadership positions in Project Management, Technical Operations and Business Development.  Working in the CRO and CDMO environment she has led projects for customers across the globe, helping them to achieve their goals in clinical trials and low volume commercial manufacture.  Petra holds a D.Phil in synthetic organic chemistry and am MBA from Imperial College London.

Abzena’s Bioconjugation Expertise

Abzena has over 20 years of experience moving medicines created with ADCs, bioconjugates and linker payloads forward.  Our unique ThioBridge® conjugation technology has been proven to enhance ADC development by overcoming issues with existing technologies in order to improve stability, potency, and efficacy.

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