Abzena Launches AbZelect CLD Platforms

16th January 2024

Abzena launches AbZelect™ platforms for improving cell line development efficiency on the pathway to IND 

San Diego, CA, January 16, 2023 — Abzena, the leading end-to-end CDMO for biologics and bioconjugates, has launched AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ cell line development (CLD) platforms for accelerating the generation of production cell lines for manufacture of antibodies and recombinant proteins. The platforms will enable Abzena to rapidly progress their customer’s complex biologic drug programs towards clinical trials while de-risking the journey to Investigational New Drug (IND) application.

AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ platforms enable the rapid generation and selection of high-yielding mammalian CHO cell lines for therapeutic protein and recombinant vaccine production.  Designed for traditional protein programs, such as antibodies, Abzena’s proprietary, license-free AbZelect™, is optimized across the three key areas of vector, host cell line, and process. It provides improved cell doubling times, viable cell densities, and robust and stable cell lines. To achieve the highest production levels, AbZelectPRO™ combines AbZelect™ with ProteoNic’s 2G UNic® premium vector technology.  This boosts expression levels and generates higher-producing, stable cell lines expressing proteins including bispecifics, fusion proteins, and other novel modalities.

By streamlining the CLD process, these platforms reduce timelines from DNA to research cell banks to 15 weeks with exceptional productivity levels. Both platforms provide cost efficiencies and optionality to de-risk biologics development, including rapid production of material, tech transfer, scale up and manufacture, all under a single organization.

Matthew Stober, Chief Executive Officer at Abzena said: “The higher productivity that’s achievable with the AbZelect™ and AbZelectPRO™ platforms means we can produce more drug substances per manufacturing run. These efficiencies will not only expand our capacity and help to reduce the cost of goods for our customers but also reduce the time it takes to get new and critical therapies to patients in need.”

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For more information about Abzena’s AbZelect and AbZelectPRO platforms, access our info sheet by clicking here.